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Windows 10 Upgrade
09 Jun

The “Get Windows 10” icon now appears for those running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1. (If you’ve been running your Windows Updates…) What this means is that on July 29th, Microsoft will automatically upgrade your computer to Windows 10 if you reserve a copy. If you are running on Windows Vista or XP, you are out of luck. No free upgrade for those operating systems. To reserve or not to reserve? I personally do not recommend it. You have a year to get it free. Let others suffer the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology. Remember what a disaster Windows 8 was when it came out? Printers weren’t compatible, software wasn’t compatible. It was a disaster. Expect bugs with Windows 10. They will be worked out, but it will take time. I am optimistic it will be a vast improvement over Windows 8(.1). But we all get balky at change. Brace yourselves…….

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